Private Online Coaching

Bob Corff

225.00 $USD
Voice, Singing & Accents; Standard American & Regional

Crystal Carson

110.00 $USD
Acting: Auditioning By Heart

Dennis LaValle

162.00 $USD
Acting: Adults & Teens

Ellis Jones

110.00 $USD
Classical & Shakespeare

Jeff Howell

100.00 $USD
Voice Over; Voice-Over Producer and Casting

Jodie Bentley

299.00 $USD
Business: Branding

Jodie Bentley

797.00 $USD
Business: Dare to be Unstoppable

John Rosenfeld

240.00 $USD
Acting: Comedy & Drama

Katt Shea

300.00 $USD
Critically Acclaimed Director

Kent Kasper

249.00 $USD
Coaching, Branding, Consulting

Kent Kasper

2,599.00 $USD
Business: Ultimate Plug and Play Package

Lena Lessing

105.00 $USD
Accents: German

Margie Haber

250.00 $USD
Celebrity Acting Coach

Natalie Moon

82.50 $USD
Accents; Standard American & Regional, UK & Regional, European and more.

Rachel Coffey

90.00 $USD
Voice & Accents; UK and regional

Rachel Coffey

375.00 $USD
Private Wellbeing Coaching

Rachel Coffey

545.00 $USD
Private Life Coaching

Rebecca Gausnell

190.00 $USD
Accents: Standard American

Todd Schroeder

200.00 $USD
Music Director, Casting Consultant & Vocal Performance Coach

Yaroslav Poverlo

90.00 $USD
Accents: Russian or Ukrainian

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