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Kent Kasper

Private Zoom: 12 hour Session

The Ultimate Plug and Play Package

A soup to nuts, high-intensity package tailor-made for those who have stepped away from the profession and those who are new and ready to begin this magnificent creative life changing journey.

Maximize your opportunities and get the best representation possible to gain the most from your career!


Knowledge and Skills

  • High-intensity coverage of key audition & cold reading skills and techniques including:
    • Booking the room
    • Mastering the freezing cold read
    • Sight reading exercises
    • Adjustments and redirection
    • Improv training
    • Cue cards & copy techniques
    • Script analysis
    • Story boards
    • Monologue preparation
    • Personality slates and profiles
    • Importance of group explanations
  • Special skills – education, certifications, training – and when they matter
  • The differences between agents and managers and do you need both
  • Interview skills and mock interviews for agents and managers
  • Self-taping: Dos and Don’ts to master the Zoom audition
  • How to self-submit for TV, commercials, movies, music videos, web series, voiceover jobs, print campaigns, virals, industrials, and modeling gigs
  • Wardrobe, hair, and makeup information and tips


  • Theatrical and commercial demo reel preparation, including rehearsal and scene choices (shooting of the reel is not included)
  • Photo session preparation including branding, wardrobe, and makeup info


Industry Essentials
  • Post-photoshoot selections for casting sites, postcards, one sheets, and all blitzes
  • Resume preparation
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Casting sites set up and profiles
  • Postcards, one sheet, and business card preparation
Special access to:
  • E-mail and snail mail blitzes to casting directors, producers, agents, managers
  • Social media creation and management
Special access to:
  • Hollywood’s best headshot photographer to guarantee the best branded looks for your marketing materials and profiles
  • Hollywood’s top graphic and web designer to make your social media, web presence, and materials stand out, even while adhering to industry standards
  • Two top voice over specialists to learn more about another area of the trade
  • Up to date addresses and emails of the top
    • agents in major acting markets
    • episodic television casting directors
    • commercial casting directors
    • production companies
Note: each casting site has its own fees to join and formatting, printing, and distribution fees are not included in package price


Working as an Actor
  • Which extra and background jobs should you take and where can you find those jobs
    • Best side hustle survival jobs for actors
  • Booking jobs: forgotten and overlooked opportunities
    • Reality shows, dating shows, hidden camera shows, game shows — learn how to get on them, make money, and get valuable TV exposure
    • The value of universities, from college productions to law and medical school instructional work
  • Moving to Hollywood
    • Best neighborhoods to live in
    • Uber, public transport, or owning a car?
  • Key organizations
    • How to get into SAG-AFTRA
    • What are Fi Core and Taft Hartley Emergency Funds
    • Medical insurance information
  • Legal 17, 18TPY, and ethnically ambiguous branding and packaging
Things No One Tells You
  • Feedback (why never to ask for it)
  • Personal space between you and the casting director and how not to invade it
  • Callbacks, avails, pinned, producers’ reels, directors first choice and what it all means
  • Questions to ask agents, questions not to ask agents and how to respond to difficult question asked at meetings
  • Tricks to getting onto studio lots and make personal drop offs to casting directors and producers as well as dropping off submissions in mail rooms of top film studios

About Kent:

No other coach comes close to offering the kind of above-and-beyond personal mentoring and coaching that Kent offers.  Once you have Kent on your team, you will never feel alone and lost in a profession which is so filled with blocks, obstacles, minefields, and barricades that make more than 90% of hopefuls bow out – tap out – give up – throw in the towel in only a few short years.

Part Mentor, Part Life Coach. 
A splash of Muse with a dash of Magic. 
This Master Power Coach of Tinsel Town will show you that luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

Kent Kasper offers over thirty-five years of experience as a SAG-AFTRA working actor through private one on one coaching and mentoring sessions and personal consultations.

Kent specializes in audition preparation, branding, marketing, and packaging, agent/manager/casting director blitzes, plus 100 other additional essential areas of the “biz” that every actor MUST master to become a successful working actor. 

As a professional performer, Kent has:

  • Over a dozen years touring and performing at the nation’s hottest comedy clubs as a National Headliner Stand-Up Comedian and has appeared on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Comedy Central, A&E, MTV, VH1, and ‘E’ Television, as well as having the honor of doing two USO Comedy Tours to Japan. 
  • Co-starred on over 25 television shows including Madmen, Monk, Rules of Engagement, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Jimmy Kimmel Show…
  • Appeared in 20 films including Space Jam, Reno 911: Miami, Apollo 13, Husbands and Wives…
  • Cameo’d in music videos with artists such as Pink, Kevin Gates, Gavin DeGraw Zedd & Kehlani… 
  • Done industrial films for many top corporations such as  New York Life Insurance, Kia Motors, Verizon, Mercedes, Mastercard, Sprite. 
  • Starred in over 200 different commercials.   

Kent also spent over ten years as Dr. Phil’s Celebrity Lookalike doubling as Dr. Phil on commercials, film, print and promos as well as doing private shows, conventions, and parties as Dr. Phil. 

In addition to his experience in the entertainment industry, Kent graduated with a law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law and became a New York City Assistant District Attorney in 1985 and was later hired as a Corporate Trainer for Blue Cross after the head of training was in the audience for one of Kent’s stand-up performances. His corporate background has helped in the entertainment industry as well, as Kent has served as a legal consultant to a multitude of tv shows, commercials, and music videos. He’s also put his teaching expertise to use in academia, teaching online courses in criminal law.

In all things, Kent’s philosophy is: “Don’t Fight Your Type, Master It!”

Kent teaches you how to brand, market, and package yourself and teaches you audition skills that will give you a big-time competitive edge. Kent’s laser focused systems will turn you into a working actor with representation in major acting markets in a matter of a few short months. His proactive packages will move your career light years ahead of what it would be if you worked alone.

Bottom line: working with Kent will increase the number of opportunities you get by 1000% and he will prepare you for each and every opportunity like a heavy-weight boxer getting in the ring with Iron Mike Tyson.  

From diapers to Depends, tweens to teens, toddlers to seniors, Kent is experienced in coaching individuals of all ages and holds an active Child Performer Services Permit (current/2023-2025). He also loves working with couples, families of all shapes and sizes, friends, and other groups. In addition to those who have had a goal to act as their first career, Kent has helped firefighters, doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, teachers, veterans, chefs, salesmen, and more achieve their dreams of acting professionally. Coaching and consultation sessions are available in person, as well as working with students across the globe via FaceTime, Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

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Our classes are carried out using Zoom so you need to make sure you computer is Zoom compatible and tested- (Voice-Video). Please make sure you have a good fixed internet connection.
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