Episode One:
Master Voice Acting: Industry Veterans Jeff Howell & Jessica Blue Share Success Secrets & Tips

VO industry veterans Jeff Howell and Jessica Blue provide insights on what it takes to succeed in voice acting. Drawing from their experiences as agents and performers, they offer tips to anyone interested in pursuing voice acting as a career.

Episode Two:
Uncover the Art of Acting: Industry Insights & Genre Techniques from two top L.A. Coaches

John Rosenfeld and Jeff Witzke share their experiences in both coaching and performing. With decades of experience, they delve into the ups and downs of the craft and how to navigate different genres of acting.

Episode Three:
Hollywood Agents' Secrets: How to Land Talent Agents & Avoid Common Mistakes

Stuart K. Robinson and Mark Measures, two of Hollywood’s favorite talent agents, share their insights on finding an agent and offer advice on what to do and what to avoid. As agents for some of the industry’s top talent, they explain why making excuses won’t get you far.

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