When Done Right, Branding Will Open Doors Faster & Generate A Lasting Impact In Your Career.

What you will take away from the masterclass

Remember your ‘why’ to get rid of overwhelm

Take ownership of who you are to get noticed among the masses

Create brand recognition in your materials to be remembered

Build lasting industry relationships during this time without feeling sales-y

People are branding you... even if you're not branding yourself. Hey there! I’m Jodie Bentley, an NYU Tisch trained actor and producer who has worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS and many more. I'm also the former CEO of The Savvy Actor and Accelerated Artist. For well over a decade, I’ve coached actors to achieve their goals, become organizational masters, stop the self-sabotage, build their marketing tools, land agents and own their brand.

I totally get being frustrated. When I graduated NYU, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to the business side of the biz. My results were fairly good… but random and rare.

I was missing something, but didn't know what. I was so sick of not knowing exactly what to do that I read every freakin’ business book I could get my hands on.

Then the light bulb moment - I'm a product! I started taking branding principles that worked in the real world and morphed them for our creative profession.

I built my brand authentically, smartly and holistically.

Within 6 months, I got my Actors Equity card, my first theatrical agent, an Off-Broadway show, and I got to do the cast recording with Stephen Schwartz. I finally understood who I was in the industry. With my signature Branding System, now you will too 😉


Eliza Blair
Landed their dream manager & auditions 6-7 times a week! "Destigmatizing the idea of branding and instead viewing it as an opportunity to bring my fullest self to every opportunity, completely changed the game for me. I used my unique brand to craft exciting new materials. I then signed with a management team who completely "get" me and believe in me. I now feel empowered to use every color in my palette in my auditions which are happening 6 or 7 times a week!"
Ryan Tran
Booked his first Network TV show! "I booked my very first TV role on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I couldn't have gotten to this point without Jodie and tools she's created."
Jewell Farshad
Signed with a team of reps! "I followed the steps in the system and got new agents and signed with a manager! Jodie is the real MVP!"
Kay-Megan Washington
Booked a recurring role on a network pilot! "The confidence I’ve gained from figuring out what product I’m selling and how best to market it has really shown in my auditions. I’m now recurring on a major network pilot, starring in what’s essentially a one-woman play, and getting called in for auditions and callbacks for studios and production companies I never thought I had a prayer of getting in front of before."
Loveday Smith
Doubled her income as an actor! "Working with Jodie on my branding has been a game-changer for me. It’s given me a new confidence in my worth to the industry. Results so far: I managed to double my yearly income by marketing myself effectively. I’m on track to double my income again."
Chris Doubek
Got great rep and booked a TON! "I wanted an agent and career commensurate with my talent! After doing all of Jodie's Branding work, I landed an agent and went through a seven week period with 22 auditions. I just booked an episode of This Is Us and an episode of Love, Victor. "

Hi I’m Jodie Bentley…

…an NYU Tisch trained actor, producer, and audiobook narrator who has worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS and many more. Since 2008, I’ve been a career coach for actors and in 2022 was named one of the Top 20 Coaches in Los Angeles in Influence Digest. 

I help actors take back their power and build the career they desire and deserve.

I’ve taught workshops at SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Comicon, and over 50+ universities and training programs. I’ve been an adjunct professor and built the Business of Acting Programs at New York Film Academy, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pace University, and Studio School.

I know how frustrating it is to be an actor. Competitive, impactful, business skills are the main thing you are missing in our oversaturated industry. And you need a roadmap.


So…you can continue to spin your wheels hoping to be noticed, relying only on your craft or charm, and keep daydreaming on the career you want, OR you can be a proactive savvy actor who understands business principles and how to leverage them to fast track your career.

I vote for the latter. I’ll show you how in the webinar. 

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