Bill Hughes – Acting Coaching by Award Winning Director

$ 150.00

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Bill Hughes

acting coaching private with bill hughes, award winning director

60-minute private coaching session
Session one (15 mins):
This is an introductory session for Bill to meet you and get to know you as a performer. Bill uses his introductory session with you to find out the person you identify with, the brand you may or may not fit – and then go out and find ourselves a script that is tailored to bring out your best performance. Get to know each other, gain an invaluable relationship and connection. From his words, “He loves to find out the person so he can better find the actor. Use his knowledge so he can better find who you are, and then the next part gets so much fun”
Session Two will occur after a couple of day (45 Mins):
We embark on the self-tape session and the acting coaching. This is a self-tape session – he sees how you take an audition, direction & redirection to its fullest. Even if you made a perfect choice – doesn’t mean you’re going to get the part – what could you have done? What would have caught the director’s eye? What is going to go outside the box, yet pressed just right up against it to make sure you get the role? Bill sees acting as a flex in the muscle, so find your push or pull. This won’t be pretty, but it will be the knock on the head you’ve been waiting for.

Self- Tape Private