Jeff Witzke



By John Rosenfeld Studios

3-Week Course; March 2023

* Applications close 11th March

Week One:
(AEDT) Thursday, March 16th: 10am – 3pm
(PST) Wednesday, March 15th: 4pm – 9pm

Week Two:
(AEDT) Thursday, March 23rd: 10am – 3pm
(PST) Wednesday, March 22nd: 4pm – 9pm

Week Three:
(AEDT) Thursday, March 30th: 10am – 3pm
(PST) Wednesday, March 29th: 4pm – 9pm



The key to working consistently as an actor is the mastery of many skills:  understanding text (aka text analysis), knowing what questions to ask, recognizing how YOU can best serve the story, and having a clear understanding of the way the business actually works. The Immersion class is a deep dive into building that process. In this three week course, you will tackle a variety of genres and learn how to quickly analyze a script. You’ll be introduced to different tools and methods and start to discover which work best for you. It’s a true immersion in process, helping actors deepen their understanding of not only text and genre, but also themselves.   Great acting cannot depend on how you are feeling that day.  This is the course that will help you have control of your craft and your business.


  • A comprehensive look at your own business: Are you set up for success?
  • Scene work on a multi-camera comedy– no genre exposes a lack of specificity more than multi-cam.
  • Introduction to text analysis; starting the process of looking at the page differently.

WEEK 2: 

  • Introduction to “in the moment” exercises.
  • work on a Drama and a Comedy.
  • Introduction to personalization


  • Introduction to repetition exercise is introduced
  • Scene work on a Single Camera Comedy scene.

Due Date for Applications: 10th March

Upon acceptance, you will receive an invoice showing how to pay to secure your place.

For Intermediate & Advanced actors (18 yrs+). 


 $580 USD |  3 Weeks 

About Jeff Witzke

Jeff has worked in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for over thirty years.   A native of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, he attended DePaul University’s Theater School and graduated from Michigan State University with honors.

In Hollywood he has acted in everything from commercials, to scripted television (Marvel’s Runaways, The Goldbergs, Jane The Virgin, The Office, Big Bang Theory), as well as award winning Los Angeles theater productions.

When it comes to feature films, he has been directed by Jodie Foster, Jay Roach, Adam McKay and Jason Reitman, to name a few.  He has worked with, watched and learned from actors such as George Clooney, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Rosemarie DeWitt and Aaron Eckhart.  Jeff also has the unique honor of being in almost every Jason Reitman film (including all of his short films).

In his spare time – when not walking his dog Edison with his husband, Jeff loves to create silly and fun online content with friend, write scripts, and nap whenever humanly possible.

About John Rosenfeld Studios

JOHN ROSENFELD has been one of the top acting teachers in Los Angeles for many years. He works with a range of actors, from Academy Award-winners like Mahershala Ali and Jared Leto, comedy geniuses like Randall Park, dramatic series leads like Alycia Debnam-Carey and Paige Spara, blockbuster stars like Paula Patton, stand-ups like Eric Andre and Adam, and up-and-coming actors new to Los Angeles. He also helped a young Margot Robbie get her start here, and he is looking forward to partnering with you to help Australians find their footing in LA. 

John understands the transition to acting in Los Angeles comes with a steep learning curve. He received his MFA in Acting from UNC Chapel Hill, where he first began teaching. When he made the move to LA, however, he realized how much he didn’t learn in grad school that was necessary to survive and thrive here. Not only is there a specific acting aesthetic in LA, but the expectations of actors are highly elevated: they must be able to fully understand any text and genre, absorb notes quickly, bring a specific version of the story, all while being present, truthful, and personal. 

Through trial and error, John built his own process and has dedicated his studio to helping actors find theirs. He believes in all methodologies but does not have an allegiance to any specific one. With JRS, he created a place where the method is tailored to the actor, not the other way around.

John’s approach is holistic. His classes not only teach you how to break down a script, think as your character, adjust quickly while making strong choices, and find the process that works best for you, but also explore your individuality as an actor. You’ll learn how you are perceived, how to play into or against type, how to access new points of view quickly, and how to find choices that pop on you specifically. By working on currently casting projects to develop a comprehension of all genres and text, John makes sure you are prepared for the challenges of acting in Los Angeles.In an industry that requires you to do so many things simultaneously, John Rosenfeld Studios gives you the tools to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, with the goal of cultivating the constitution of a happy working actor.


By John Rosenfeld Studios

Investment: $580 USD |  3 Weeks

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