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Join us for an engaging one-hour online webinar with Jeff Howell as we delve into the fascinating world of voiceover with industry veteran Jeff. Throughout his career, Jeff has accumulated extensive expertise in various aspects of voiceover, including casting, production, and being an agent. This webinar serves as an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insights from Jeff's wealth of professional experiences.
During the session, Jeff will provide an overview of his journey in the voiceover industry, sharing challenges, and triumphs along the way. He will shed light on the casting process, offering tips and strategies to aspiring voice actors on how to stand out and secure roles.

The webinar will transition into an interactive session, opening the chat for participants to engage directly with Jeff. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask additional questions, seeking advice on specific challenges they may face or exploring topics that were not covered during the initial discussion.
Whether you're a budding voice actor or simply intrigued by the world of voiceover, this webinar offers a unique chance to gain insider knowledge from an experienced professional. Join us to broaden your understanding of the voiceover industry and uncover valuable insights to help shape your own journey.

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Keri Tombazian​
"There is no more attuned ear in the art of voice over than Jeff Howell's. His ability to hear the slightest nuances that make or break the truth of a read makes him both the actor's and producer's greatest ally. Always one step ahead of changing trends, Jeff continually discovers and develops new voices, keeping the talent pool fresh, while coaching well established voices through changing styles, keeping it filled with highly trained, experienced artists. To the producer, Jeff is valued for his understanding of contracts, budgets, client needs, and reliability. I owe much of my personal success to Jeff's expertise. I call him the Matchmaker, as he knows how to bring the right talent to the casting process. My audition-to-booking ratio under Jeff's casting is consistently high. My overall booking ratio grows each time I avail myself of his no nonsense coaching. Jeff doesn't sell any magic method, he gets into the heart of the actor's process and guides us to our best performance."​
Noveen Crumbi
"I began attending Jeff Howell's voiceover class in January 2016. Being new to voiceover, I have learned and grown exponentially. I've even signed with a voiceover agency months later! Jeff takes the time to explain and teach in a way where even the auditors feel part of the class. He creates a comfortable environment making learning fun! He's professional, encouraging and very supportive. I highly recommend training with Jeff!"
Glenn Steinbaum​
"I'm not exaggerating when I say that without Jeff Howell, I would not have a career in voice-over. His coaching transitioned me from a rookie to an established pro. Besides his unparalleled expertise, he brings generosity, patience, empathy, and clear direction to every session. Jeff knows how to communicate with actors. When you walk into his studio, he puts you at ease immediately. If you put in the time, Jeff will get you results. I guarantee that you will improve your chops if you train with him. I owe him everything."
Jessica Blue
"Jeff is an exceptional actor's director. He knows exactly what to say to get the best read out of his talent, whether it's during a casting, a private lesson or a demo recording session. He's focused, patient, fun and stays current with industry trends to always be in the know of what's in and what's out. He puts talent at ease and empowers them to put their best foot forward, while dropping all kinds of priceless golden nuggets of knowledge. I'd work with Jeff anytime anywhere! "
Jensen Reed
"Jeff is the go-to Coach / Director for VO in LA. He believed in my ability early on and has helped my career tremendously. His knowledge of all aspects of the business is unparalleled. At this point I have worked with quite a few Directors and Jeff's ability to get the best read out of me really shines. He is honest, intuitive, creative and wise in his Coaching / Directing. I continue to check in with him to sharpen my skills as well as to share VO successes because of his influence on me. No matter what stage of your career, Jeff will set you on the right path for success. He is truly the MAN!"
Dustin James Leighton​
"I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Jeff Howell I never would have found my voice, let alone sign a network contract. He believed in me when no one else did. And helped me find a depth and dexterity within my voice that I never knew was there. When people ask me what my secret ingredient is to having a full time career as a voice actor I say two words, Jeff Howell."

Jeff Howell, launched his voice-over industry career as a voiceover agent then crossed over to the creative side by serving as casting director/radio producer, and then was hired as the VP of Production at World Wide Wadio.  During his extensive career, he has had the honor of casting, representing, or directing such notable actors including Gregory Peck, Martin Sheen, Owen Wilson, Mark Hamill, Sally Kellerman, and Leonard Nimoy. He has produced radio commercials for hundreds of National accounts (Chevy, Bud LightVISA, American Express, Starbucks, McDonalds, Nestle) and network radio/TV promos (CBS, FOX, TBS, Comedy Central, Food Network, A&E, NatGeo).  He served as the post-production supervisor and director for numerous sci-fi audio novels He has directed narration for Fox SearchlightTravel ChannelDIYFood Network and The Smithsonian.  Currently, Jeff is running his own company where he is producing and directing all things voiceover including animation, commercials, promos, narration, dubbing, and IVR.  Recent animation projects include directing the Emmy Award winning animated program “Wally’s Opening Day”, casting the animated feature “Monkey Prince”, serving as the talent coordinator and casting director for the Netflix animated episodics “Maya and The Three” and “Magic: The Gathering”, and recently cast and directed the dubbing on numerous international features and episodic programs for Netflix including: “I Am Not An Easy Man”, “Jefe”, “Nothing to Hide” , “Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island” , “A Fortunate Man”, “4 L”, “Unbridled”, the controversial episodic “Naked Director(Part 1 and Part 2), “Halo Love”, the third season of “Bordertown” and the Christmas special “David and the Elves”.  He also directed the dubbing for various HBO projects including “The Fence”, “Lust”, and the animated series “Bad Exorcist”.  He also directed the voiceover for the Emmy winning controversial 2018 Nike TV campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.  Recently, he had the honor of directing Stephen Fry for autobiographical audio book, “Making History”. 

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