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Private Accent Coaching By Corff Voice

Private Accent Coaching

By Corff Voice

Bob and Claire Corff have over three decades of experience helping actors learn a new accent. Whether an American student wants to learn a foreign accent, or has a regional dialect and wants a more Standard American Accent, or a student outside of the U.S. wants to learn the Standard American Accent, Corff Voice Studios offers the best accent/dialect coaching in Los Angeles.

Accent Reduction
More and more actors are coming to Hollywood, CA in hope of becoming stars. One of the most common things they must do when they first arrive is learn how to reduce their foreign accent, or in other words, learn how to do a Standard American Accent. Djimon Hounsou, Ray Stevenson, and Dania Ramirez are just a few of the many celebrities who have taken accent reduction lessons at Corff Voice Studios. 

Foreign Accents and Dialects
When an actor learns a new accent/dialect, they have increased their chances of booking a role by increasing the possibilities available to them. It is no surprise then, that when celebrities like Hank Azaria, David Schwimmer, and Gwyneth Paltrow are looking to learn a new accent they take their accent lessons with Bob & Claire Corff. These are just a few of Corff celebrity clients who have undergone dialect coaching with Bob and Claire.

The accent and dialect coaching techniques used at Corff Voice Studios have been designed to help actors and business people learn to speak a new accent/dialect with speed, precision, and accuracy. The principles of pronunciation, stresses, melody, and placement will be explained and taught in a way that is easy to learn and understand. 


 $225 USD |  1 Hour

About Bob Corff

Bob Corff has solidified himself as one of the best dialect coaches for actors, one of the most popular voice coaches for speakers in all fields of work, and one of the most successful vocal coaches for singers at every level.

The list of celebrity clients he has taught ranges from Lenny Kravitz to Gwyneth Paltrow and just about everyone in between. 

Corff was twelve years into his acting career when a friend asked him to help her learn to sing and he found a new passion: vocal coaching. Despite all his success as an actor and singer, voice coaching was where Bob Corff truly excelled. He had a unique approach to the work and because he knew exactly what it took to be a successful singer and a successful actor, his reputation spread rapidly among actors in Hollywood. He soon developed a reputation as the best voice coach in LA and began working with a list of celebrity clients that includes Sally Field, Elijah Wood, Jennifer Aniston, Antonio Banderas, and even Mariah Carey.

Bob Corff currently teaches private voice lessons out of his studio in Los Angeles, California, and thanks to the advances in technology in recent years, he has developed a system for providing voice and dialect coaching for people outside the Los Angeles area. He often travels to film sets as an on-set voice coach for celebrities and new actors alike. His passion for vocal coaching continues to grow with each passing day and with every new student he helps.

About Claire Corff

Claire Corff may have started as an apprentice to world-renowned voice coach Bob Corff, but she quickly developed into a great voice coach in her own right.

She has since become the co-founder of Corff Voice Studios as well as the co-author of “Achieving the Standard American Accent” and a number of different accent audio courses. Most of the students she has taught through both private lessons and on-set dialect coaching would not guess that this master dialect coach was actually once so shy that her mother forced her into an acting class just to break out of her shell.

It was early in her professional acting career that she met the popular voice teacher Bob Corff and her plans quickly changed. Bob’s passion for voice and dialect coaching sparked Claire’s own love for teaching voice lessons and she left her acting career behind to become a Los Angeles based dialect coach. Building on her previous studies of phonetics, years of voice lessons, and having played many roles that required learning a foreign accent, she apprenticed Bob in his teaching for a number of years before she gradually started teaching herself. She is currently teaching private voice lessons at Corff Voice Studios, accent reduction classes at the prestigious Strasberg institute, and continues to work with Bob to develop new audio courses so anyone can learn a new accent.

Private Accent

By Bob & Claire Corff

Investment: $225 USD |  60 Minutes

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